The Ministry of Spiritual Grandparenting

Note: This guest blog is by Phyllis Le Peau, someone I’ve known quite well for over forty years. It was recently published in “The Well.” The topic is one dear to both of us, as are our thirteen grandchildren.

Andy and I had some concerns when our first child was born. Our children would be the fourth

i-2437e73a6ab7d7f21842c2775f8745fd-Well grandparenting photo.jpg

generation of Christians in our family. In situations like that, faith can become merely part of the family surroundings and culture — something that doesn’t sink deep at a personal or conscious level. It can just be background music. As people grow and change, they often leave their parents’ values and practices behind. Faith can seem unnecessary or optional. We wondered if that would happen to us.

Now that we have grandchildren, the same questions arise for the fifth generation — but with an additional twist. What role do we have, or does any older family member have, for children who are not our own but for whom we care deeply?

Our Family’s Story

Let me tell you the story of my own grandmother.

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Grandchildren and the Older, Older Story

Two of my passions are grandchildren and the Old Testament. That may seem like an odd pair, but that also seems to be the case for Psalm 78. So it was a natural to include a study on that Psalm in our Grandparenting LifeGuide (the third study, if you are counting).
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Grandchildren and Contentment

As we finished up the first draft of our Grandparenting LifeGuide, Phyllis said, “I think something is missing. I think we need to deal with grandparents often inundating their grandchildren with big, expensive gifts. But all I can think of is something that has to do with materialism. Yet that doesn’t seem quite right.”
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