About Andy

I am a writer and editor living in the Chicagoland area. In Andy Unedited I explore the world of books and offer thoughts on writing, publishing, leadership, scholarship, editing, history, biblical studies, and life.

For over forty years I worked at InterVarsity Press, the bulk of that time as Associate Publisher, Editorial. In that capacity I worked closely with many authors such as N. T. Wright, Andy Crouch, Michael Card, Thomas Oden, Chris Wright, Ben Witherington III, Rebecca Manley Pippert, Ken Bailey, and others.

I’ve written a number of books myself, most recently Write Better. My books, several coauthored with my wife Phyllis, have sold over 750,000 copies.

One passion is the gospel of Mark which I have taught for fifteen years to students and staff of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. From that emerged another recent book, Mark Through Old Testament Eyes 

In addition, I am the proud grandfather of thirteen terrific children who get as much of my time as I can manage. That part of my life has resulted in another book called, creatively enough, Grandparenting. It’s a Bible study guide my wife and I wrote in the hopes that it will help many love their children and their children’s children even better than they already do.