Is Print Better?

Troglodytes like myself have been slow to pick up on technology. You’ve heard of “early adopters” and “digital natives.” I proudly consider myself to be a digital dinosaur. Years after the Kindle arrived, I got one. And just recently I went over to the dark side of a smart phone.

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I do find my Kindle handy for carrying around a raft of proposed manuscripts IVP is considering for publication–as well as books we’ve already published. I generally am happier reading my Kindle when it is light reading. If the book is something I want to slowly study and digest, it’s print for me.
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A Theological App for That

Say you’re at lunch and someone starts chatting casually about the aseity of the Son. Well, you don’t want to be caught short. No, you want to be part of the conversation. You want to act like you know what’s going on by doing more than making knowing grunts of approval. But you really haven’t a clue what aseity (uh-SEE-i-tee) is. What do you do?
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Google Editions Is Here

With almost as much delay and anticipation as the launch of Kindle, the Google e-bookstore opened its virtual doors yesterday.


When I met with Google at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October, they gave me chocolate, smiled broadly and said it was really, really coming after months of delay. But they still wouldn’t give me (or anyone) a date. Now it’s here.
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Will Digital Outstrip Print by 2015?

Engadget reports that Sony’s Steve Haber, head of their digital reading business division, says that “within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content.” That means not just books but all print media, including magazines and newspapers.

So, dear readers, what do you think? Is Sony just trying to create buzz? Are they just puffing the product line they expect to make gazillions on? Or are they right–digital sales will overtake print by 2015?

When Geekdom Is Changed Forever

No, it’s not an invasion of killer bees that you hear. It’s the buzz around the Apple tablet, which could bridge laptops and hand-held devices while offering a great book-reading experience.

Barnes & Noble shares have bumped up on rumors that it will have a role in the new device.

The web is alive with fake sneak peaks.

How scared is Amazon? Will Apple dislodge the Kindle from its place of primacy?

International Business Times says the market is out there for the tablet, and it’s big.

Will Apple, the ultimate purveyor of cool devices, hit another home run with an iTablet? T-Day is Wednesday.