Will Kindle Set the World on Fire?

Breathlessly we await this month the yearlong-rumored launch of Kindle, Amazon.com‘s electronic book reader. At a reported $400 to $500 per, will this be the e-book reader Nirvana we have all been looking for?

Not according to ComputerWorld. This and a half dozen other products like it are destined to fail.
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Sony Reader PRS-500

The new Sony ebook reader is now in stores. But . . .

You can’t search it.
You can’t write notes in the margin.
You have to have Windows XP.
There’s a half-second delay when you press the turn-the-page button.
You can’t skip directly to a particular page.
There’s no backlight option for those who want to read in the dark.
It costs about $350.

What’s Sony thinking?

Here’s what engadget.com and Time magazine are thinking.